21 August 2014

Sunny-Side Up

Kia Ora, my faithful readers! 

Believe it or not, I have just reached the halfway point of my semester at the University of Otago. (What?! Time doesn't just fly--it moves at freaking warp nine speed.) Tomorrow I leave for Nelson (a sunny city at the very top of the South Island) with my Kiwihost Georgia for mid-semester break! I'll be staying in a backpacker/hostel near the city centre, and since the weather should be nice-ish, I'll get to explore the city, visit some beaches, and try out the local hiking. 

I won't have my computer with me, so I will post a blog update sometime next weekend! With pictures! Before I leave, however, here are some Random Abreana Notes from the past weeks...


Isn't she pretty?? Her name is Shannon. She's an Irish sport horse, very gentle, and takes a rubber bit. Her favourite thing is to run on the beach; she also loves jumping! (Obviously this was Day 1 for me, so we just walked around the hills for a bit...) We rode English style, which means the saddle doesn't have a horn like it does in Western style riding. 

And I absolutely loved it. 

2. My body is adapting to-- and enjoying!-- the Dunedin weather.

"Isn't it a bit cold, eh?" asked a guy from park maintenance. I was at a playground (on the swings, of course), and it was cloudy and drizzling rain. 

"Nah, it's nice!" I responded. 

Since when did I start adapting to this weather??

Swinging in the rain happened sometime last week. Then this morning I woke up to another cold/cloudy/rainy day (after a few consecutive days of sunshine) and I was actually excited about it. 

It means I get to wear my blue fuzzy hat!! It also means my porridge and hot tea taste even better. Man, I'm such a complicated person. 

3. Flowers are blooming! Spring must be arriving!

4. "You've Got Mail!" 

This is from my dear friend Maddie. :) I loved the Monet painting on the cover of the card...and the stamp was a Global Forever stamp, which I didn't even know existed! How fun!

5. Apparently I like to hang out by myself and take pictures.

I wandered around the Botanic Gardens the other day (the same place where I got to feed the ducks and pigeons!) I came across a tree that is supposedly older than Dunedin itself. I also found a sunny-side up egg on the side of some building, as well as a silver fern on the floor of the native bush forest. 


Next up... my mid-semester break adventures in Nelson!


  1. Your first horse ride-yeah! So many firsts when you step out into the world.
    I do think you gave adapted. Both with physically to the weather. It most importantly, your heart is at peace.
    When that happens, not much bothers you. You go with the flow.
    I have had porridge the last 2 nights in a row with hot tea! Did you put brown sugar and a bit o butter on top?
    Too funny. We share many of the same simple comforts in life.
    Love the flowers and all of the green and scenery. Mark said it makes us want to live there.
    Reading the news and some of the horrific things that are going on is difficult to comprehend. How can a person be so cruel to another?
    You are in a place of peace and beauty. Soak it all in and carry it with you. What a blessing you have.
    Momma Monique

  2. Wonderful updates!!!! :)
    Love to see you living life to the fullest!