07 July 2014

Look! Ducks!

"You like a lot of things, don't you?" 

At least two of my friends have asked me this in the past week, so I guess they caught on to me fast. I'm like a little kid. I will point out all the little things that I see and find interesting, fascinating, beautiful, new, and/or amusing. 

Like this awesome plant. 

Or this bench. (Moss and lichens really do fascinate me...)

Or this tree trunk. I will literally say something like, "Hey! Look at this awesome tree!" Just in case someone else failed to notice it...

But today, what I really liked was this adorable duck pond at the botanical gardens. 

Speaking of which, I have developed a strange love for ducks while I've been here... 

They're just too funny. 

Today my friends and I got to feed the ducks some granola...very exciting!!! But I'm not sure who was more excited - the ducks or me. 

The pigeon just looks cross. 

So yes, I like ducks. Just be thankful I spared you from the thirty or forty other photos I took... 

Actually, in some ways, today was less about the ducks and more about the people. I enjoyed observing other people interacting with the ducks and pigeons -- it's therapeutic for some, exhilarating for others (like me). But it just amazed me that something as simple as a duck pond could reconnect people with nature and bring out the human in all of us.

New Zealanders seem to have a deep love and appreciation for their land, scenery, and wildlife... And I think it's contagious.  

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  1. I love this blog post! You are such a great writer. I love that you like everything. You are so positive and fun that you help me see the good in everything, especially in my darkest moments!! Love you, miss you, feel better :) <3 <3