10 July 2014

The Sometimes Not-So-Glossy Side

Study abroad blogs are great at portraying the highlights of an experience, but in reality, life still happens. For example, I caught a cold this week. I also found out I have an inflamed tendon (or something) in my right foot, so I've been slightly limping to and from class this week, all the while sniffling from my cold.

My foot just requires "rest," which is a word I am very unfamiliar with. Apparently it means avoiding hiking, long walks, gym workouts, etc. So.......not sure what that leaves me with..... 

Oh...yeah...homework!! Hooray! 

By the time I burnt my hand last night trying to pour a cuppa tea, I just laughed. Because this is life. Up, and down, and sideways. It may not be as glossy as the pictures portray, but I guess with the right attitude there is always something to learn from.  

I'm very excited to be taking classes at this University... I have mostly intro-level classes, which will transfer back to DU as electives: tourism, sociology, and dance. It's been nice to take a break from business classes and get a little artsy!


  1. Love you! I hope you feel better! I can't wait to hear more! Skype when I get back?